Data Modeling for Agile Data Integration

Hans Hultgren, Genesee Academy

The growing need for agility in the data warehouse and other data integration initiativeshas cast a light on the shortfalls of our traditional data modeling approaches. Both 3NF and Dimensional modeling patterns create structures that become hardened and so difficult to change. Over the past decade many have chosen to apply Ensemble Modeling patterns using approaches such as Data Vault Modeling, Anchor Modeling and Focal Modeling. These techniques are optimized for data integration layers such as the enterprise data warehouse and big data platforms.

This session will cover the fundamentals of Ensemble modeling and Data Vault modeling including Core Business Concepts (CBC), Unified Decomposition, Hubs, Links and Satellites, how to apply these techniques, and the business and technical benefits of these approaches. Join us and learn why more than 1000 organizations globally have chosen to apply Ensemble Modeling techniques.


President at Genesee Academy and a Principal at Top Of Minds AB. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence educator, author, speaker, and advisor. Currently working on Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) with a focus on Ensemble Modeling and Data Vault. Primarily in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Denver, Sydney and NYC. Published data modeling book “Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault” which is available on Amazon websites in both print and Kindle e-reader versions. Specialties: Information Management and Modeling, Ensemble Modeling, Data Vault Modeling, Agile Data Warehousing, Education, e- Learning, Entrepreneurship and Business Development.

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