Data Modeling must DIE! (or: The birth of the Data Facilitator)

Martijn Evers, DataMasters Unseen

We have to face up to the fact that the data tsunami we all feared is here. And we have to face it with a (relatively) small band of data modelers no less. We see the limitations of the old school data modeling crafts as well as the immaturity and ignorance of the big data and NoSQL technologist. Change needs to come. Not small change like Agile, another better aligned approach to modeling, or even better separation of concern. But big change in the way we organize data. In other words, our old world of data modeling must come to an end, to make place for a new way too look at data. In this talk we will explore this change and look into the future of data modeling. I’ll try to show how we could change from being data organizers into becoming data facilitators.

Martijn Evers has been architecting, designing and developing complex information systems for almost 20 years using various technologies. The last 10 years mainly in the roles as researcher, trainer/coach, consultant, analyst and architect. His passions lie with data & information modeling and metadata driven system development and design. The last few years he is focused on data modeling as the basis for data platform development and automation. Martijn is also doing data modeling related research and is involved in promoting data architecture & data modeling in Higher Education. Martijn is Chief Information Architect@I-Refact and architect of the I- Refactory a next gen (big) data processing factory.

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