Data Vault Modeling

Remco Broekmans, Coarem

This is an interactive session on data vault modeling. We will cover an overview of the complete scope of topics required to understand the data vault modeling approach and how this approach supports the goals of the data warehouse. In this session we will start with the concept behind the data vault – ensemble modeling – and the data warehousing modeling requirements that drive this approach followed by interactive modeling. We will cover the building blocks of the Data Vault: Hubs, Links and Satellites. You will learn, and model yourself, a complete Data Vault model starting with the Core Business Concepts (going to be the Hubs), Unit of Work and relationships (going to be the Links) and context and attributes including history (going to be the satellites).

At the end of this session you will be able to understand the basics of how to create your own, simple, Data Vault model and discuss Data Vault models made by other modelers.



Remco Broekmans, educator, trainer, and advisor. Remco is working on Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) with a focus on modeling and architecture including Ensemble and Data Vault modeling. Remco works internationally in Europe and is based in the Netherlands.Remco worked for several consultancy companies in the Netherlands before starting his own companies, Coarem and BI Academy. He has worked a consultant throughout the complete field of business intelligence from reporting, ETL and modeling. The last 15 years Remco is teaching different classes on business intelligence and data warehousing. Since 2006 Remco is closely involved with the Data Vault classes from Genesee Academy and authorized trainer from Genesee Academy since 2014.

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