Gathering Essential Business Requirements Using Business Data Modeling

Håkan Edvinsson, Informed Decisions Consulting AB

Picture a situation where your company is about to invest in an expensive application system. You have been admitted just a four hour time slot with a group of business representatives to collect their requirements. Your mandate is to present facts for a go/no-go acquisition decision. What would you do during these four hours? Start listing functional requirements? Outlining the business processes? Brainstorming use-cases and capabilities?

All these will take much more than an afternoon to detect show-stopping requirements.

Business Data Modeling is an outstanding way to quickly understand and express vital business requirements. And, such models are perfect for evaluating a system prior to purchasing it, or, as a base for verification for a developed solution.

This speech is about:

  • How Business Requirement Data Models differs from System Design Data Models.
  • How to carry out Business Data Modeling for requirement purposes, in practice.
  • Importance of proper graphics and documentation to engage, not to Examples will be shown together with real life stories.


Håkan Edvinsson is a Swedish author, trainer, speaker and consultant within business improvements, decision modelling and data governance. He is the author of “Enterprise Architecture Made Simple” (Technics Publications) and a contributing author in the second version of the DAMA Data Management Book of Knowledge. Today, he is senior partner and the CTO of Informed Decisions. He has practiced his information centric enterprise architecture in large global industries, in medium-sized enterprises and in the public sector since the mid 1990ies. He is also a well-experienced workshop facilitator.

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