Send bitemporal data from Vault to the Stars

Dirk Lerner, TEDAMOH

Information changes in intricate ways over time. For example, prices for goods change over time and business plans future pricing like discounts for “Black Friday.” These prices may be saved long before they are valid in real life and therefore in operating systems.
A data warehouse with a well-designed bi-temporal historization can store this future information about prices. And also enable business users to travel through time to have different views on their data: past, present and future.
The speaker will focus in this session on the method and techniques for merging timelines of bi-temporal Data Vault Satellites to get data out of the Data Warehouse’s core layer. He will show bi-temporal basics for a better understanding of the concepts to provide star schema dimensions as non-, uni- or bi-temporal objects.
What attendees will learn in this session:

  • Basic bi-temporal concepts
  • How to merge timelines of bi-temporal Data Vault Satellites
  • Examples of Data Modeling to get data out of a Data Vault

Dirk Lerner is an experienced independent consultant and founder of TEDAMOH. For 15 years he has led BI projects and is considered a global expert on BI architectures and data modeling. Dirk advocates flexible, lean and easily extendable data warehouse principles and practices.
As a pioneer for Data Vault in Germany he wrote various publications, is an international speaker at conferences and author of the blog

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