Virtual Data Warehouse – the Ultimate Schema-on-read

Roelant Vos, Allianz Worldwide Partners

With the current state of technology, do we still need core Data Warehouse models such as Data Vault or other hybrid approaches to solve the typical Enterprise Data Warehouse problems? Can we bypass Data Warehouse modeling in favor of a Persistent Staging Area (PSA) to support a variety of ‘schema-on-demand’ use cases (e.g. reporting, data science)? If you are not developing an Enterprise Data Warehouse, then what are you developing? Has technology (finally) caught up with the intent to make data modeling a business / logical exercise?

These are the questions that will be addressed in this presentation about Data Warehouse Virtualization. ‘Virtualization’ in this context refers to the ability to ‘do Data Warehousing’ without traditional ETL processes and technologies in place (not to be confused with Data Virtualization).

Implementing Data Warehouse Virtualization essentially comes down to combining various concepts of the Logical Data Warehouse and ETL automation (‘model-driven-design’) into a fit- for-purpose flexible deployment, relative to your available technology.

Being flexible in how you implement these concepts is the key achievement, and this requires careful consideration of the required metadata and patterns. In this presentation I will explain how this can be implemented from a practical point-of-view, including implications on performance and support for changing information needs while ‘in production’.


  • The role of the Data Warehouse model in the virtual context
  • Performance options and considerations (options & considerations)
  • Why it’s all about the metadata
  • Overlap and differences between Data Virtualization and Data Warehouse Virtualization – do we need both?
  • Do you still need a Data Warehouse model?
  • What is there left to do for us experts?
  • How to start small and think big
  • How flexible can you become?


Roelant Vos has been active in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for more almost 20 years and is working for Allianz Worldwide Partners as the General Manager for Business & Customer Insights in Brisbane, Australia. In a role that is highly focused on analytics, Roelant is working on collecting, integrating, improving and interpreting data to support various business improvement initiatives. Passionate about improving quality and speed of delivery through model-driven design and development automation, he has been at the forefront of contemporary modeling and development techniques for many years. Whenever there is some time updates on these topics are published on

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