Decision and Process Modeling: which comes first?

Jan Vanthienen

When representing and analyzing business decisions in real business situations and processes, decision tables have always proven a powerful approach. Now that DMN is a standard, how to build good decision models and combine them with BPMN? Hear all about proper methodology, integration scenarios, best practices and the DMN standard, based on years of experience in modeling decisions.

What you will learn:

  • The concepts, objectives and application areas of decision tables for business analysis and business process management.
  • Modeling decisions and how they relate to business processes.
  • But mainly: lessons from a long experience on how to build, analyze, verify and optimize decision table models according to simple guidelines.

Jan Vanthienen is professor of information management at the Business Information Systems Group of KU Leuven (Belgium), where he is teaching and researching on business rules, processes and decisions. The area of business rules modeling, validation and verification, and decision modeling in the context of business process modeling has been his major area of research and expertise for many years. He posts regularly at the Business Rules Commentary, under the nickname “Not Just The Decision Table Guy”.

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