How to Model a Text Box…Or Practical Ways to Tame Your Text

Stacie Benton

Sounds super simple, eh? However, there is nothing simple about modeling the ultimate text free-for-all.  And yet more and more interface design is moving away from rigid drop downs with selectable values to the simple text box.  We’ll briefly cover the journey data takes from the user entered field to business usage and, through data modeling exercises, apply a practical approach in standard scenarios such as Address, more advanced scenarios such as Chat for Self Service or AI support, and the grandmaster of them all, the Search.  We’ll see the value data modeling can drive in harnessing data in traditional transactional applications and for the most innovative machine learning based interactive systems and analytical models.

Stacie Benton, CDMP, is currently an Information Architect for Microsoft’s Enterprise Services Business. She also recently spent time as the Enterprise Information Architect for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation working on building a data culture as well as launching a Data Governance program. She spent a tour of duty in the consulting world as well as many years at Microsoft, slaying dragons, both transactional and BI, across the enterprise as well as in the Finance, Sales, Services, HR, and Marketing spaces. She spent years as a program manager in Microsoft IT and has the awards and scars to prove it. She loves talking data and process in the same sentence as well as realizing the full potential of data through good data management.

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