Use Case: Application of FCO-IM for the digitalization of processes

Stephan Volkmann

The digitalization of processes and the connection of production machines with information technology offer high growth potential for the economic benefit of a company. Digital transformations enable new business models and create the possibility to extend existing ones. In addition to the development opportunities, there is already a need for the digitalization of some sectors to be able to compete.

To digitalize processes, a new information system must be set up or an existing one expanded. This should support the user in the execution of the processes. The foundation for the development of an information system for the implementation of defined requirements is an information model, which facilitates the understanding of a domain and the communication between all involved stakeholders.

In a practical project, Mr. Volkmann used the method Fully Communication-Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM) to create an information model in an industrial company. He evaluated this method in comparison to Entity Relationship Modeling (ERM) for the company. In fact-oriented modeling, there are several special characteristics that must be considered to prevent errors in the model.

In this talk, the basics of fact-oriented modeling and the applied FCO-IM method will be repeated. Subsequently, the problems encountered in the project will be shown and a list of practical solutions will be given. Furthermore, recommendations are given for specific decisions in the modeling process.

What attendees will learn in this session:

  • Refreshing fact-oriented modeling
  • Refreshing FCO-IM
  • Presentation of the business process to be mapped
  • Experience and Best Practice with FCO-IM

Stephan Volkmann is a consultant for Data Modeling and Data Architecture. He wrote articles and papers about Bi-Temporal Modeling in Data Vault and Fact-Oriented Modeling. Stephan carried out one of the first projects in germany using FCO-IM to build up information models at one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers.

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