Bernhard Thalheim

Bernhard Thalheim holds one lecture at the Data Modeling Zone 2018:


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University Kiel

Bernhard Thalheim is interested and researching in database technology, database programming, (distributed) object-relational information systems, business informatics, web information systems, performance tuning and forecasting, data mining, data warehouses and OLAP foundations, content management, database and information systems theory, database systems and software architecture, discrete mathematics, and logics.

Bernhard Thalheim has published more than research 300 papers, developed 3 monographs, edited more than 30 conference and survey proceedings, and supervised more than 30 PhD students. His work was awarded the P.P. Chen award by Elsevier in 2008. Since 2009 he is an ER fellow. He is also the honorary Kolmogorov chair at Lomonossov University at Moscov in Russia. He got his diploma in mathematics from Dresden University of Technology in Germany, his PhD in mathematics from Lomonossov University at Moscov in Russia, and his Advanced PhD (habilitation) in Computer Science from Dresden University of Technology in Germany.

He chaired database groups in universities in Dresden, Kuwait, Rostock, Cottbus, and currently in Kiel. His group was able to collect a large library of database applications worldwide due to a cooperative program with one of the largest database consultant agencies. The library contains around 4,500 existing and currently deployed database applications. This library is the basis for the development of universal and generic applications in areas such as e-commerce, web information systems, health care, telecommunication, insurance, travel, and financial services. These universal models led to the development of a theory of conceptual modeling for database applications.

He has been chairing more than threescore projects aiming at development of large/huge database systems, content management systems, database farms, and web information systems. The results and implementations of these projects have been and are used in industry and government. More than a dozen of these projects have been developed in teams spanning over several groups in several countries.

Bernhard Thalheim participated in the development of foundations of conceptual modeling. A result of work is the development of a full-fledged theoretical foundation of the entity-relationship model. Another result of this work is the development of a theory of modelling, models and modelling activities, especially for conceptual models.