Lessons NOT Learned – Dealing with Habitual Architecture Mistakes

Eddie Sayer

When I was a child, my parents instilled in me the belief that no one should make the same mistake twice.  “Once is a mistake; twice is a habit,” they would say.

Yet, I see the same architecture mistakes habitually repeated in numerous organizations.  The result is far too many architectures characterized by excessive costs, supportability issues, design inflexibilities and general business dissatisfaction.

Bad habits are hard to break, but it can be done.  And it can be done NOW!

This keynote examines habitual architecture mistakes most organizations make and explores best practices for avoiding the mistakes.  It concludes with proven recommendations for achieving architecture success.  You will leave the session not only better educated on architecture, but armed with ideas for architecting high-quality solutions in your own environment.

For over two decades, Eddie has been helping large organizations gain sustainable competitive advantage with data.  He has worked in both leadership and individual contributor roles, specializing in enterprise data management programs and information architecture.  Eddie joined Teradata in 2008 and has since conducted numerous engagements with some of the most recognized companies in the world, including Wells Fargo, Verizon, T-Mobile and Coca-Cola, helping to set direction for data management.  Prior to joining Teradata, Eddie was an Information Architect at CheckFree Corporation, the largest provider of e-billing and electronic bill payment in the US.  Previously, Eddie held similar positions at Macys Systems & Technology and Inacom Corporation.  Eddie is a founding member of the Georgia chapter of Data Management International (DAMA) and is a frequent speaker at industry events.


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