PowerDesigner Fundamentals

George McGeachie

Are you evaluating data modelling tools?

Are you currently using SAP PowerDesigner, but never had any training?

Are you an experienced data architect, new to SAP PowerDesigner?

Have you used SAP PowerDesigner in the past, and need bringing up to date?

– then –

Join George as he creates a chain of models (Conceptual-Logical-Physical) in SAP PowerDesigner, demonstrating how to use the editing tools effectively, how to prettify and organise diagrams, and how to generate and manage models. He will also show you some of his customisations, such as the model transformation that makes sure your PDM tables all have the correct audit columns. There will, of course, be time to discuss and demonstrate those nagging questions that always come to mind during sessions such as this.

George is an independent information management practitioner, with 30+ years’ experience creating and managing models of various types in many organizations. He encourages organizations to connect and utilize their metadata islands, to recognize the wealth of information contained in their data models, to recognize that the creation of data models must form part of an integrated approach to improving their business, and therefore avoid the creation of metadata islands in the first place. He is a blogger, co-author of “Data Modeling Made Simple Using PowerDesigner” with Steve Hoberman, and author of several articles on TDAN.com.


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