Graham Witt

Graham Witt holds two lectures at the datamodelingzone 2018:

Graham Witt on Dynamic Data Modeling at DMZ Australia:
Consultant and Author

Graham has over 35 years of experience in assisting businesses and government departments to acquire relevant and effective IT solutions, and manage information effectively. Recent clients include the NSW Department of Lands, Sydney Water, NSW Health, Sydney Trains and Transport for NSW.

He has developed specialist expertise in a variety of areas, in particular data modelling and business rules. He has presented papers at conferences in Australia, the US, the UK, France and Germany, as well as meetings of DAMA (the Data Management Association) – in Australia and the US – and ACS (the Australian Computer Society). He has developed and delivered training courses in data modelling, database design and business rules, and delivered them in Australia, the US and Canada. He co-authored with Graeme Simsion the widely-used textbook Data Modeling Essentials, and Morgan Kaufmann published his book Writing Effective Business Rules in February 2012. Graham has also written articles on natural language business rule statements for the Business Rules Journal.



  • “Writing Effective Business Rules” Book
  • “Data Modeling Essentials” Book
  • “A Practical Method of Developing Natural Language Rule Statements Part 1-25” at BRCommunity
  • “Writing Natural Language Rule Statements — a Systematic Approach Part 1-30”  at BRCommunity