Michael Mahlberg

Michael Mahlberg holds one lecture at the datamodelingzone 2018:

Teamdynamik revisited: Jenseits von Tuckman (Michael Mahlberg auf der Tools4AgileTeams 2015):

The Consulting Guild

Michael has been running his own company in Germany since the mid eighties and moved his focus from implementation to organization in the mid nineties. Working in a all kinds of industries from pure software development companies through to public administration and from companies with less than to dozen employees to the big multinationals, he has not yet seen a project where architecture and processes where not of crucial importance. As an ‘early adopter’ of agile – and later co-founder of the Limited WIP Society Cologne – he now spends most of his time supporting clients in their quest for more effective ways to work, mostly by applying lean and agile concepts.


Michael has two very active blogs (one in English and one in German) where he talks about a wide variety of topics. His more recent entries on his English blog are:

His Slideshares