Model Driven Data Warehouse Automation

Paul Watson-Gover

We will discuss what Data Warehouse automation is and very importantly what it isn’t. From there we will move on to why the role of modelling in some form is a vital part of the Data Warehouse automation process and how we approach this with WhereScape software. We will explore different kinds of model driven approaches and why it’s important that any automation software should be flexible enough to support many different approaches and be able to keep pace with the ever evolving standards of many of the popular modelling methodologies. The intention is that this will be an interactive session with lots of discussion so come prepared to participate.

Paul started life as a BI professional over 17 years ago, designing and building management reports using Business Objects in the financial services sector. From there he progressed into data warehouse design and development, covering the entire lifecycle and multiple technologies. Since moving to WhereScape eight years ago as a Data Warehouse Consultant, Paul has been using data warehouse automation to lower time to value and cost for customers across almost every vertical. A certified Scrum Master and Data Vault Data Modeller, Paul progressed to Senior Solutions Architect and is also Director of Customer Success.

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